An Overview of Cell Tower Leasing


A cell tower lease refers to a lease agreement between you as the property owner and a telecommunication or cellular network service provider. This is where you lease your property out to the telecommunication company to erect a cell tower. The lease can be a short-term or long-term agreement. There are two types of leases. That is the ground and rooftop lease.

Both types work in a more or less the same manner although there are some differences. In a rooftop lease, the tower is erected on the roof of the building. In a ground lease, the landowner leases the piece of land to the telecommunication company. However, in order to benefit from this investment, you need to work with the best cell tower consultant and advisor. There are some benefits that will be enjoyed once you work with the best cell tower expert.


First, these professionals understand the entire process well. Due to this fact, a professional can help you in every negotiation stage and step. Wireless carriers will always be looking at their interests. Their experts are trained on how to maximize benefits for the company without considering your interests. Due to this fact, getting a cell tower advisor for your lease will help because he will provide all the support needed and cell tower advise.

He will hold the negotiations with the carrier company on your behalf. Due to this fact, you will be able to get fair and better lease terms. Through his services, you will also be able to protect your assets. In addition, these professionals possess relevant industry and legal knowledge as well as guidelines governing this type of an investment. This ensures your rights are protected whether during the lease writing or during court cases.

These professionals also have knowledge concerning aspects like electrical implications, best insurance policies, and the property value. Tenant access frequency and aesthetics are other parameters that these professionals deal with when writing down the contract that you may not have knowledge about. They also help in determining the amount to be paid during the lease or during the lease buyout. However, in order to get such a professional, there are some factors you need to consider.

Consideration factors.

When hiring a cell tower lease consultant, you need to consider factors like relevant recent industry experience. This is an important consideration factor. This is because there are different rules and regulations governing these types of investments. On the other hand, IRS policies that were used ten years ago have now been changed. That is why recent experience should be considered. Track record, service fee, and charges are other consideration factors. Accreditation, insurance, and reputation are other consideration factors. Learn more interesting features in this link:

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